Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How-To: Benefit from Universities using Loyalli!

The Nearby Button Highlights Local Retailers
Loyalli recently launched on two university campuses: Leeds University and Huddersfield University.

We were asked recently by a Retailer in Huddersfield using Loyalli, "how does launching at a University encourage shopping at local retailers?"

The answer is simple, Loyalli's "Nearby" feature.

At Huddersfield we launched on a campus of around 25,000 students. It is unlikely that all will download the app but lets say 5,000 download Loyalli and use it on campus.

Any inquisitive students will also see Retailers within 20 miles that are participating in Loyalli..."Nearby!"

So now - rather than just rewarding your existing customers for their loyalty, we believe universities will bring local retailers NEW BUSINESS, by highlighting venues students may yet have discovered. 

What can I do to get my hands on 5000 new customers we hear you say! 

The answer to this depends on how much you want to do. 

By being registered with Loyalli you are automatically discoverable to users of the app. 

We have also seen Retailers promoting Loyalli heavily through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to get the attention of students, who are renowned for using these tools. 

On a number of occasions when launching at universities, students approached the Loyalli team asking if we were aware that non-university retailers were "sneaking" onto the app. This exposure came without any active publicity by Retailers and we expect the trend of more students exploring local retailers to continure.  

After all, who doesn't love to get something for free, especially students! 

To be discovered visit 

Happy Stamping! 

The Loyalli team