Friday, 2 November 2012

How-To: Get started with Loyalli

OK, you’ve registered with Loyalli what?

Time to let your Customers know! 

Just like traditional paper or card-based loyalty schemes, for your customers to begin using Loyalli, you need to let them know they can.

We will support your efforts, but in order to take full advantage of Loyali’s  smartphone loyalty scheme, our advice is to make sure you have completed the following simple steps:

1. Let your staff knowthey should be introducing your new loyalty card at every opportunity – after all, the more customers using it, the more exposure you get through their social media channels!

2. Shout about it on Social Media!  - You can offer your loyalty card on your customers phone, how cool is that!  We promise we’ll share, re-tweet and re-post any announcements you make.

3. Get a few posters up whether it’s on the counter, near the door or on the tables, displaying a link to download the application will save you time explaining your new service when you’re busy dealing with customers!  (If you haven't received these, email

You are now well on your way to moving away from paper loyalty cards forever. Welcome to saving trees, saving pennies and getting more from your loyalty reward scheme. For best results, keep reminding your customers know!  

Finally, don't forget to log in to your retailer dashboard. You will have been sent login details on sign up. Here you can see real-time feedback on the  success of your reward scheme.... more info to follow in our next How-To post!

Any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you, email or feel free to leave us a comment!

Happy stamping!