Monday, 5 November 2012

Loyalli Launches at Leeds – Students Now Able To Carry Uni Loyalty Cards On Their Phone!

Well, it looks like there are now 2 things to celebrate on 5th November, a failed attempt to blow-up parliament and the successful launch of a digital loyalty card scheme at Leeds University!

Renowned for being forward thinking, Leeds University Catering were quick to adopt Loyalli to facilitate rewarding their students for shopping on campus.

Leeds University now utilizes Loyalli across 14 on site coffee shops, as an alternative to cluttering student’s wallets with traditional stamp-cards.

We’re all hugely excited to be working with Leeds, in fact, it was at university that our wallets full of loyalty cards first gave us the idea for Loyalli. We are currently offered in 450 retailers across the country and can now be used to save a bit of money and get rewarded for your loyalty.

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 Happy Stamping

The Loyalli team.