Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Smoothie Company - Featured Retailer of the Week

How did you get into your business?  

Love healthy eating and felt there was a gap in the market in Leeds for a healthy smoothie bar/cafe of our style offering a healthy drink option and freshly prepared sandwich, salads and soups, while also providing a cool area and vibe for students to hangout, socialise and relax next to the University. And when the opportunity came to buy and existing business in an area that I knew would be perfect for our vision, I went ahead. And have now been running the business for a year and a half.

Where can we find you?  

10 Blenheim Walk

 Or online here......

twitter:       @SmoothieCompany

Why that location?  

The location is good due to it being set between Leeds University, Leeds Art college, a 6th form college and a number of businesses.

This gives the shop high footfall during peak lunch time hours of trade. The products we sell also go well with the local demographic  in the area, students! 

What is your favourite item you sell?  

My favourite item drink wise in the shop is a Non dairy Berry Heaven Smoothie, which contains Raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, cranberry, apple, pear and apple juice a very healthy option. 

My favourite sandwich on our menu would be the halloumi Sandwich, which contains halloumi, roasted red onions and peppers, aubergine and a tomato and chilli chutney spread in a granary seeded bread roll.

What is the most popular item amongst customers?  

The most popular smoothie among customers would be the Non Dairy Passion Fruit Salad which contains passion fruit, banana, strawberries, mango and apple juice. All our smoothies in the shop are freshly prepared to order. As well as our set menu of smoothies we also come up with great one off smoothies of the week using seasonal fruit and experimenting what combinations work well.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2013?  

We hope to expand our catering side of the business and to look at the possibilities of taking online orders for delivery and collection. 

Why did you join Loyalli?  

Really like the idea, thought it was a great green alternative to our current system. And would be a great way of us tracking easily how many people are using our loyalty scheme. 

What is your Loyalli offer?  

Our loyally offer is your 10th smoothie or hot drink is free of charge.

We had a great smoothie at the smoothie company when we were launching at Leeds Uni, we can't recommend it highly enough!